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Micro-stay with Slice Rooms: The new way to travel!

The world of travel is undergoing a revolutionary change. A budding new concept in the

hospitality industry is the Micro stay. Micro-stay is the new age travel style: more and more

hotels worldwide are striving to provide guests the option to book rooms for as less as two

hours.  This feature is especially beneficial to international travelers, business people, people in

the travel show biz, and really anybody who needs to travel at a moment’s notice.


A start-up pioneering micro-stay in India is Slice Rooms. Slice Rooms was conceptualized

by A. Laxman, a Chennai based hotelier who has been in the hospitality industry for 25 years.

Being tuned to the needs of the modern traveler, Laxman came up with the idea of providing

rooms on a need per hour basis. This works well for various kinds of travelers as they don’t

have to pay for an entire 24-hours for a room or spend the time at an airport/station.


Slice Rooms started in Chennai and after an overwhelming response, other cities such

as Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad have caught

up. Slice Rooms is essentially a virtual market that is tied up to several 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in

these cities. It offers customers the flexibility to choose a room within their budget and book at

a short notice as well. So if your flight has been delayed and you don’t fancy spending the night

at the airport, Slice Rooms is at your service!


Laxman and his team will be launching the mobile app on Android, IOS and Microsoft soon.

Currently Slice Rooms also provides transit facilities to and from the hotel/destination. They

will soon be partnering with popular airline companies to provide a wholesome travel

experience. You can also expect Slice Rooms to go international soon. Singapore, Srilanka and

Dubai – hot tourist destinations – are on the top of their list.

I hope they expand to Canada too. For a budget (and last minute) traveler like me, Slice Rooms

is a blessing! Visit their Facebook page to know more about their deals and offers.









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